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What Would Happen Without Bees ?

Bees, from the common eye, are normally viewed are pests, but did you know we couldn't live without them? Bees are a very important part of our world. They are how our crops get pollinated and how we grow our food. Without bees in our world there wouldn't be humans. Even though that's hard to believe, it's true. Bees have been dying at a fast rate in the past decade, but bees are needed for crops to grow. They are the biggest part of pollination out of all other pollinating insects. It's estimated that one third of the food we eat is pollinated by mainly bees. There needs to be a change. Now they have trouble finding pollen and nectar sources. It’s a problem because of the use of herbicides that will kill off many flowering plants among crops. Without the bees almost all crops would cease to exist.

The fewer bees there are leads to potentially higher prices of fruits and vegetables. That’s one of the reasons that food prices will go up over time. The less crops produced, the higher demand, which means higher the price. Bees are responsible for pollenating 80% of our crops. A honey bee can visit 50-1000 flowers along one trip. Bees are estimated to provide billions of dollars worth of pollination to farmers worldwide. Bees can't live if we don’t do our part.


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WMCT-TV in Marlborough made a wonderful report on our project. Talia Clarke interviewed us and Stephen Burney from Hudson Hives. Check it out!



We are three girls from Girl Scout Troop 72814 of eastern Massachusetts. We earned our silver award by spreading knowledge about bees. By going on this website, you are making our effort sustainable and long-lasting. 


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