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The 3 Causes of the Decrease in the Bee Population

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You may be listening to the news and hear "The bees are all dying!", and, "The bee population is decreasing!". But what is really happening? The truth is that chemicals, parasites and global warming are killing bees.

Chemicals: The level of herbicides and pesticides has reached an all-time high, which directly correlates with the decrease in bee population. The main chemicals that affect the bees are neonicotinoids. Neonics are a huge problem since they are easily dispersed through the air. These chemicals are not only poisonous to the bees, but also to the bees' favorite pollinating plants. This is causing a lack of habitat for the bees which, in turn, causes Colony Collapse Disorder, and eventually loss of population.

Global Warming: Another constant news topic, global warming, is destroying the bees. The increase in temperature is also reducing the habitats of bees. The rise of temperature causes the bees to avoid the heat and move north. The bees will continue to go North to stay in the same climate. As they move North, their habitats are slowly getting smaller. The bees will slowly decrease in population as the habitat cant hold up to their needs.

Parasites: A parasite called Nosema cerenae is also a main cause of the death of bees. The pesticides used on plants is creating a reduced immunity from this parasite. The bees are now dying more frequently and the parasite continues to get worse. This parasite is partially causing Colony Collapse Disorder. The more bees that are affected means the more bee colonies that are dying.


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